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Golden Ring of St. Petersburg with guide from Personaltours!


Personaltours offers you an extensive range of walking tours of St. Petersburg. We give you a personal tour guide, you charge with positive emotions, learn a lot new things, see the stunningly beautiful architecture and just a little warm up.

An example of one of our excursions is a walking tour of the Golden Ring of St. Petersburg. It is the most famous places, which are specific to the great Culture capital.

It is the most famous places in St. Petersburg

“Gold” Travel begins from any point of the ring. However, the most well-known start is on St. Isaac’s Square, the main crown of which is St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The colonnade of the cathedral is one of the most popular viewpoints of St. Petersburg. It opens the entire city at a glance. Bronze Horseman is another object of cultural heritage, which everyone should see. It is located at the Senate Square. The ensemble of square also includes the Senate and Synod buildings.

Panorama of the Big Neva

Alexander Nevsky BridgeAfter the winding busy streets, you can see panorama of the Big Neva. To properly assess the architecture of the famous embankments of St. Petersburg we need to go through the Annunciation Bridge, which is the first permanent bridge of the city. Next, you meet with a magnificent ensemble of baroque and classicism styles buildings.

Walk along the embankment of Vasilyevsky Island

The Spit of Vasilievsky IslandA long walk along the embankment of Vasilyevsky Island introduces you to the such stately buildings as the Academy of Arts decorated formidable stone sphinxes at the entrance, the Menshikov Palace twined quaint stucco of golden age. If you stand in front of Manege of Cadet Corps you will see the place already visited is St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Bronze Horseman. Next you will see Building of 12 boards and after him is one of the most famous and mysterious places of the Northern Capital – Cabinet of Curiosities.

Spit of Vasilyevsky Island is famous for its Rostral columns, magnificent Stock Exchange building and world-famous view of the panorama of Neva river. You can make a great photo on the background of Peter and Paul Fortress and the Winter Palace. After crossing the Palace Bridge we enter to the Palace embankment, followed by the Palace Square. There is perhaps the most famous building on this square is the Winter Palace. It is a magnificent Hermitage Museum. In the center of Palace Square stands the Alexander Column.

Small and New Hermitage, Hermitage Theater

Hermitage, Hermitage TheaterPassing along the buildings of the Small and New Hermitage, Hermitage Theater, we get on the Millionnaya street, which will lead us to the Marble Palace. If we cross the Field of Mars, we can see the eternal flame. It was lit first in Russia. Next, we proceed along the Mikhailovsky Castle to square of Russian Museum (it is also Mikhailovsky Palace). The Griboyedov Canal Quay takes us past the Savior on the Blood Cathedral directly on the main street of St. Petersburg – Nevsky Prospekt. Attractions on this street is more than on any other. Not turning off the Quay, we get to Kazanskaya Square with Kazansky Cathedral.

Continuing along the Griboyedov Canal we pass by Bankovsky Bridge with its griffins and get on the Bolshaya Morskaya Street, where we will meet the elegant facade of the Mariinsky Palace. Crossing the Blue Bridge, we find ourselves there, where they came from – at St. Isaac’s Square.

Walking tour of St. Petersburg is easy!

Just contact us and we will find you an interesting route!



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