Individual excursions in Saint Petersburg
Daily work time: с 8:00-21:00


Personaltours company was established to satisfy the need in welcoming and entertaining our VIP guests and business partners from other cities and countries. We have accumulated excellent experience here and learned a lot.

We experts in welcoming guests

Now we can proudly call ourselves experts in welcoming guests in St. Petersburg, for we offer you premium tourist services and cultural events.

Currently, we offer services in the following areas:

  1. Tourist services to individuals. We develop cultural itineraries and provide different tourist services for your stay in St. Petersburg.
  2. Tourist services for business. We provide a wide range of business tourism services and offer cultural events tailored to your business schedule.
  3. Event management. We offer different business and entertainment event packages to satisfy any requirements and budget and to accommodate parties of any size.

We are proud to have loyal customers who book our services and recommend us to their friends, partners, colleagues, and relatives.

Sincerely yours, 

Elena Karpova 

General Manager

 Personaltours Ltd.