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St. Petersburg fully deserves to be called the Northern Capital of Russia. Although St. Petersburg is a young city compared to other Russian cities, it is one of the oldest cities among the largest European megalopolises. St. Petersburg is unique because most of its buildings (about 18,000) that were built before 1917 have been preserved to this day. That is why it is referred to as the “Open Air Museum”.



Duration: 5 hours
Cost: from 10.500 rub

The state Russian Museum is the largest in the world and the first state Museum of fine arts in Russia.



Duration: 2 hours
Cost: from 11.500 rub

Yusupov Palace of Saint Petersburg, where visitors can admire the magnificent state apartments, rich interior and household items, as well as the luxurious apartments of the Yusupov family.



Duration: 2 hours
Cost: from 14.000 rub

The Faberge Museum is located in the Shuvalov Palace. One of the most valuable and significant exhibits is the nine Easter eggs that Faberge created specifically for the order of the emperors Nicholas II and Alexander III.


Excursion to Hermitage

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: from 10.500 rub

The collection of the State Hermitage includes more than three million works of art and artefacts of the world culture. Among them are paintings, graphic works, sculptures and works of applied art, archaeological finds and numismatic material.



Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: from 12.000 rub

A 3-hour guided theme tour with a personal car is available. Before the tour, you will be met by a guide at the address of your request and escorted to the car. This will start your individual tour on the theme: ``Merchants of eliseevy``.

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Visit to museums without queues even in the “high” season
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Четко спланированную культурную программу Посещение музеев без очередей даже в сезон Пунктуальность и учтивость гида и водителя Оптимальный маршрут посещения достоприме-чательностей Удобные для Вас способы оплаты Качественное транспортное обслуживание (немецкие автомобили)
Well-planned cultural itinerary Visits to museums without queues even in the “high” season Accuracy and courtliness of guides and drivers The most efficient itinerary of sights visiting Convenient for you methods of payment High-quality transportation (German cars)

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It is not that easy to start your tour around St. Petersburg, but it is extremely interesting.
Personaltours company offers you customised tours around St. Petersburg and its suburbs.

We pick up and drop our guests off at convenient locations

For a customised tour, your guide will try to understand what interests you personally, deciding what needs to be highlighted and what can be left out.

In addition to official information about famous sights and places of interest, a guide strives to share less known facts and thrilling stories.


You can adjust your route or itinerary in the city, park, or museum at any time to better suit your interests. You will have plenty of time to have your picture taken near the monument or building of your choice.


Our services are priced depending on a specific tour.

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Even in the “high” season, our tours are arranged for you not to lose your precious time standing in line at a ticket office.

St. Petersburg is the city for everyone. Fans of walking tours will enjoy the architectural elements of ancient palaces, mansions, churches, monuments, and chiselled grilles.


You will not stay indifferent during a walk along the magnificent embankments of the city with breathtaking views over the Neva River, the main water artery of the city. With its numerous rivers and canals and bridges connecting the banks with their chiselled web, St. Petersburg earned the name of the Venice of the North.

Our guests who are interested in history and the arts will enjoy their visits to many unique museums, cathedrals, and palaces that St. Petersburg is famous for.

You will never forget St. Isaac’s Cathedral, one of the main highlights in St. Petersburg; the Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood, the largest mosaic ensemble in Europe; the State Hermitage that truly is one of the main museums of Russia; the Russian Museum, the first and one of the most famous galleries of Russian fine arts; the Yusupov Palace where visitors can admire stately suites, luxurious interior, and the lifestyle of a St. Petersburg aristocrat; and many other sights.

The fans of countryside journeys will be delighted to visit magnificent palaces and gardens around St. Petersburg that form the so-called Pearl Necklace. Pavlovsk is a must-see for admirers of Classicism that was popular during the rule of Paul the First.

A visit to Tsarskoye Selo will submerge you in the atmosphere of the times of Elisabeth and Catherine the Great, and you will experience the sumptuous Baroque.

This style dominates the architecture and interior design of Peterhof, a state museum preserve, known worldwide for its outstanding inimitable fountains.

We know and love our city and would like you to feel the same.

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