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The state Russian Museum is the largest in the world and the first state Museum of fine arts in Russia.

On the first floor of the Museum there is a collection of works from different time periods. Here you can enter the hall with Russian folk art, which shows paintings of the second half of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century.

The second floor is dedicated to iconography and painting of the XVIII century and the first half of the XIX century. Here you can see a large number of collections of icons from Novgorod, Moscow, Pskov, Yaroslavl, Vologda. In such halls, the true Russian Orthodox spirit prevails.

Following further along the halls, you can come to the” White hall”, which leaves an amazing impression. When you are present in this hall, you can feel the greatness of that era. This is the only hall in the Palace that has preserved its original appearance.

Prices for a tour to the Russian Museum


Duration: 5 hours*
Cost: from 10.500 rubles.

* The duration can be extended at your request with the appropriate recalculation of the cost. The price is indicated for excursions conducted in Russian, English and German. The cost is calculated in other languages by our managers upon your request.

The tour price includes


Individual tour service


Entrance tickets to the Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is a unique repository of artistic values, a well-known restoration center, an authoritative research Institute, and a scientific and methodological center of art museums of the Russian Federation, responsible for the work of 260 art museums in Russia.

Those who are familiar with Russian art will be interested to see the most famous exhibits of the Museum, such as:” Ship grove “Shishkin,” Suvorov Crossing the Alps “and” Taking the snow town “Surikov,” boatmen on the Volga “and” Zaporozhtzi write a letter to the Turkish Sultan “Repin (his art is dedicated to three halls),” the Last day of Pompeii “Brullov,” the Ninth shaft “Aivazovsky,” knight at the crossroads ” Vasnetsov and many other amazing collections.

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