Individual excursions in Saint Petersburg
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The Pavlovsk’s Park


The Russian historian of architecture Vladimir Kurbatov wrote: “No matter how beautiful Pavlovsk Palace is, no matter how precious its collections, it cannot be compared to Pavlovsk Park.”

The ensemble of the Pavlovsk Park

It has enjoyed the fame as one of the finest landscape parks in Europe covering an area of more than 600 hectares. It was laid out in 1780 to the design by Charles Cameron. He created the lay-out of the park, first landscape compositions along the Slavyanka, and the buildings in the classical style- the Apollo Colonnade, the Temple of Friendship.

In the 1790s architect Brenna added several geometrically planned sections decorated with sculptures. In the early 19th century architects Voronikhin, Quarenghi, and Rossi worked here. By the combination of natural environment and the architectural structures, they managed to create the amazing, well-balanced, and harmonious ensemble.

Экскурсия по Павловскому Дворцу

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