Individual excursions in Saint Petersburg
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Excursion to Yusupov Palace


Noble manor house of Yusupov in St. Petersburg

It took the Yusupovs’ Palace nearly two centuries to shape up. Like other aristocratic estates in the historical city center, the Yusupov Palace was associated with many prominent figures in Saint Petersburg history.

Residence for a noble family

Before the building was acquired by the Yusupov family it belonged to Count Shuvalov, and then to Countess Alexandra Branitskaya. She eventually sold it to Boris Yusupov for 250,000 rubles.
The palace was reconstructed by architect Mikhailov (1830-1837) and became the main residence of one of the richest noble families in Russia. Other prominent architects worked in the palace in different times: Bernard Simone and Hippolitus Monigetti (1840-1860), Alexander Stepanov (1890s) and A. Beloborodov (1900s). Their main task was to renovate the palace and equip it with the latest novelties and conveniences.


Works of art in the Yusupov Palace

The Yusupovs were very rich. So they purchased many works of art, that were kept in the palace on the Moika River. Beautiful sculptures, painting, tapestries, furniture, musical instruments once adorned the rooms.


The murder of Rasputin

The Yusupov Palace is famous for the assassination of G. Rasputin that took place on the night of December 17th, 1916. Today several rooms of the palace are occupied by the exhibition dedicated to this historical event.


The Palace after the revolution and in our days

After the October revolution the palace was nationalized and became a museum. Priceless art collection that was hidden in four secret rooms was found and sent mostly to the Hermitage museum. Today it is Saint-Petersburg Palace of Culture for Educators.


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