Individual excursions in Saint Petersburg
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Excursion to Upper and Lower parks of Peterhof


The Upper Park 

The Upper Park is the smallest covering the territory of 15 hectares. It was laid in Peter I’s time to count balance the composition with the Great Palace and the Lower Park. It had functional purpose from the beginning where water storages were built and vegetable garden was laid. In the middle of the 18th century the formal garden appeared here. Five fountains, two square ponds decorate the Upper Park. The compositional centre is the Neptune fountain bought in Germany and installed in 1799.

Верхний и нижний парки петергофа

The Lower Park

The Lower Park is situated on 102.5 hectares. The Lower Park was designed as a typical formal or regular park with symmetrical layout of its grounds. The canal, decorated with 14 fountains, divides the ensemble into the western and eastern parts. The slope of the hill, which is a natural border of the park, was transformed into waterfalls. Three cascades arranged along the slope.

Верхний и нижний парки петергофа

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