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The city of Vyborg is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland – one of the most beautiful places in the Leningrad region. The city is 68 km from the border with Finland and 122 km from the historical center of Saint Petersburg.
The trip to Vyborg in a personal car with a guide takes 9 hours. Before the tour, you will be met by a guide at the address of your request and escorted to the car. The journey time to Vyborg will take about 2 hours and 15 minutes. During the trip, you will have a fascinating travel tour.

The price of the tour


Duration: 9 hours*

Number of people Cost
From 1 to 2 people 29 000 rub. – 32 000 rub.
From 3 people Price on request


* The duration can be extended at your request with the appropriate recalculation of the cost. The price is indicated for excursions conducted in Russian, English and German. The cost is calculated in other languages by our managers upon your request.

The tour price includes:


Individual tour guide services/Guide- interpreter services


Individual tour service


Business class transport support


Entrance tickets to the fortress

Depending on the number of people, we offer the following types of transport.


Mercedes E-class cars


From 1 to 2 people


Mercedes Viano Minivans


From 3 to 6 people


Mercedes Sprinter Minibuses


From 7 to 19 people


The buses


From 20 to 50 people

*At your request, we will provide Executive class transport services with appropriate cost recalculation (Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes Sprinter V. I. P.

The history of Vyborg began in 1293 with the construction of Vyborg castle on a small rocky island. In 1940, as a result of The Soviet-Finnish war, Vyborg and the surrounding territories again became part of Russia. Vyborg province finally became part of the Soviet Union, and after 1991, Vyborg remained part of the Leningrad region.

Today, Vyborg is a center of event tourism, where various celebrations related to knight festivals are held, reconstructions and role-playing games are arranged that can convey the atmosphere of life of the city’s indigenous population.

During the tour, you will be able to get acquainted with the fortress city, the architecture of which is very different from the usual Russian citizens. Vyborg castle, an ancient defensive structure with walls up to five meters thick, provided long-term protection of border territories, and its location on a separate island created additional difficulties in defense. Today, a Museum has been opened on the territory of Vyborg castle, which has collected a collection of household items of the Swedish population. After passing through the fortress, you can feel the atmosphere of the middle ages, walking along the territory of the tower or climbing more than two hundred steps of the tower of St. Olaf, admire the panorama of the city, including views of The old Town hall square, rivers, lakes, and narrow cobbled streets of the old city. The tour to Vyborg castle will take about an hour and a half.

The next stop on your journey is Monrepos Park. During a two-hour walk, you can meet many beautiful places. The Park, which occupies a large territory, contains both collections of plants and architectural monuments. Walking along the paths and bridges over the small streams of the Park, you can see the Sculpture of Vainemainen, a Marble column erected in honor of Emperor Paul I and his son Emperor Alexander I.

The tour will end with a short one-hour sightseeing tour of Vyborg. Then the guide will accompany you to the car, and you will return to St. Petersburg at the address on your request.

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Visit to museums without queues even in the “high” season

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