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Peterhof is one of the most charming former Royal residences in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland about 30 km from the city. It is famous for its beautiful Paris with numerous fountains and sculptures, as well as its palaces.

Excursions to Peterhof accompanied by an individual guide are very popular, both among Russian-speaking guests and among foreigners. The trip to Peterhof on the ship “meteor” is 5 hours. The meteor is a high-speed hovercraft. The main berths are located on the Palace embankment. The river trip itself will take from 30 to 45 minutes. You are not afraid of any traffic jams on the road!

The price of the tour


Duration: 5 hours*

Number of people Cost
From 1 to 2 people 15 500 rub. – 19 500 rub.
From 3 to 6 people 23.500 rub. – 35.000 rub.
From 7 to 19 people 38.500 rub. – 83.500 rub.
From 20 Price on request

* The duration can be extended at your request with the appropriate recalculation of the cost. The price is indicated for excursions conducted in Russian, English and German. The cost is calculated in other languages by our managers upon your request.

The tour price includes:


Individual tour guide services/Guide- interpreter services


Individual tour service


Meteor tickets from Saint Petersburg to Peterhof and back


Meteor tickets from Saint Petersburg to Peterhof and back

Before the tour, you will be met by a guide at the pier before boarding the meteor. This is how your tour to Peterhof will begin. During a water trip on the meteor, you can admire the expanses of the Gulf of Finland.

Upon arrival in Peterhof, you will stop at the Lower Park of Peterhof and an individual one-hour tour of the Grand Palace of Peterhof awaits you. The Grand Palace is certainly the center of the Peterhof ensemble. Peter I himself thought out the initial image of the future Palace, and also chose its location.

The Oak study of the first Russian Emperor, which has been preserved to our time, is of particular interest to visitors. In the Peter’s part of the Palace there are also personal belongings of Peter I. the Great Peterhof Palace for several centuries was the summer center of official life of the Russian court: many important events for the country took place here, holidays and receptions, balls and masquerades were arranged.

Today, the Grand Palace is a unique Museum with a collection of about three and a half thousand exhibits. These are furniture items, paintings, fabrics, lighting fixtures, porcelain.

You will have a fascinating walk for two hours in the Lower Park of Peterhof, which is full of world-famous fountains, sculptural groups and amazing natural landscapes. The lower Park is designed in the French style, where the geometric layout of alleys prevails. “Tour of the Avenue of the fountains of the Lower Park of Peterhof” . In addition to the Central ensemble, which includes the Grand Palace and the Grand Cascade with Samson, you will also find other architectural and Park ensembles in the Park. In each of them you will find a unique Palace, sculptures, fountains and flower arrangements.

At the end of the tour, the guide will accompany you to the car, and you will return to St. Petersburg at the address on your request.

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