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Kronshtadt is a district of Saint Petersburg, located on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland, 48 km from Saint Petersburg. Kronstadt is connected to the mainland by a land road — a dam. The island covers an area of 1584 ha.

The trip to Kronstadt by private car with a guide takes 5 hours.

The price of the tour


Duration: 5 hours*

Number of people Cost
From 1 to 2 people 15 500 rub.
From 3 to 6 people 16.500 rub.
From 7 to 19 people 17.500 rub. – 19.500 rub.
From 20 people Price on request

* The duration can be extended at your request with the appropriate recalculation of the cost. The price is indicated for excursions conducted in Russian, English and German. The cost is calculated in other languages by our managers upon your request.

The tour price includes:


Individual tour guide services/Guide- interpreter services


Individual tour service


Business class transport support

Depending on the number of people, we offer the following types of transport.


Mercedes E-class cars


From 1 to 2 people


Mercedes Viano Minivans


From 3 to 6 people


Mercedes Sprinter Minibuses


From 7 to 19 people


The buses


From 20 to 50 people

*At your request, we will provide Executive class transport services with appropriate cost recalculation (Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes Sprinter V. I. P.

Before the tour, you will be met by a guide at the address of your request and escorted to the car. This will start your travel tour within one hour and 15 minutes to Kronstadt.

The city of Kronstadt is one of the most famous small historical cities in Russia, which over the past three centuries has played a significant role in the history of Russia. The history of this city is closely connected with Peter I, as well as the formation and strengthening of the Russian Navy. The construction of Kronstadt, as a naval Outpost, began almost immediately after the formation of St. Petersburg, and its main importance was to protect the new capital.

Today, the Kronshtadt fortress and the city of Kronshtadt itself are included in the UNESCO world heritage list as part of the object “the Historical center of Saint Petersburg and associated complexes of monuments”. Kronstadt has more than 300 historical, cultural and technical monuments, unique defensive structures, beautiful historical buildings and ensembles. These include the Kronshlot Fort, a complex of provincial houses of the early 18th century, the world’s first self-draining canal of Peter the Great, an example of an 18th-century military camp, and the Naval Cathedral of the early 20th century, which was built using the technologies of the construction of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

You can visit the current temple-the majestic St. Nicholas Cathedral, which was conceived as a monument to all the sailors who died for the Fatherland. Since its Foundation in 1913, St. Nicholas Cathedral has been considered the main spiritual center of the entire Russian Navy.

At the end of the tour, the guide will accompany you to the car, and you will return to St. Petersburg at the address on your request.


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